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Claudia is a fully qualified Pranic Healer and has helped numerous people, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Pranic healing is an ancient science that utilises Prana or Ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. Prana energy is what keeps the body alive and healthy. The healer projects prana energy to the patient. There are three major sources of prana, solar prana from sunlight, air prana and ground prana. This is why sitting in sunlight for around 10 minutes is energising for the body, breathing exercises  that use  great air prana relaxes or energises the body, and walking bare foot or being around nature is also therapeutic. Sick people benefit greatly sitting under great big and healthy trees. Some people who have excess prana tend to make people feel better around them.  Pranic healing is based on the overall structure of the body based on two parts. The Visible Physical and the Invisible Energy Body called the bioplasmic body. The bioplasmic body is the invisible luminous energy body which inter-penetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it by 4 or 5 inches and is made up of subtle or etheric matter. Based on two basic laws of pranic healing, the Law of Self-Recovery means the body is capable of healing itself at a certain rate. If a person has a wound it will heal itself and recover. The second law – Law of Life Energy, the healing process can be accelerated by increasing life energy to the affected part, the chakra and the whole body. It acts like a powerful catalyst to the healing process.  Both the physical body and the energy body affect each other. Disease first appears in the energy body and can be prevented from manifesting into physical form.   

Can Emotions Affect The Body?

YES! One may not want to underestimate the powerful effect that negative emotions have on the body. Let’s look at this simply. When we are stressed, does it make us feel peaceful or happy? When we are stressed is our healing ability better or worse? Negative thoughts or emotions have low vibrational frequencies and for that reason the body is affected. For instance, anger and frustration may result in low prana energy in the solar plexus chakra (located in the hollow part of the rib cage) and the front heart chakra (located above the solar plexus near the heart in the centre of the body). In the first case, it manifests itself as indigestion or bowel issues. In the long term is can manifest as an ulcer or a gall bladder problem as an example – it can differ from one patient to another. Anger and intense worry devitalise the whole energy body so that the body becomes susceptible to different diseases. You may have noticed this yourself after an intense stressful period in your life leaving you physically exhausted or sick. This is because the body is very depleted of Life Energy or Prana.        

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Those who have completed the 1st day of IAMPowerful will have the opportunity to book one to one healing sessions with Claudia to further enhance the healing process. 

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Below you can see a before and after photo taken of one of Claudia's clients who had been suffering severely with psoriasis. 

Eve's Story

Eve is a science teacher and has always felt sceptical about energy healing until she tried Pranic Healing with Claudia Agha. Here's her story.