Master yourself and you master your reality

Is this you?

Are you fed up of feeling unwell and unhappy?

Do you wake up feeling run down every morning? Do you feel miserable? Do you have physical pain? Do you find it difficult to calm your mind? Are you fed up feeling the same emotional anguish? Is it hard for you to let go of past hurt? Do you have repeat patterns? Do you feel stuck or trapped? Is it hard for you to love and accept yourself?

Have you ever questioned what life is all about?

Do I feel there is more to life than just this? Why am I here? What is the purpose of all of this? Am I really making a difference? When I'm gone, will people even know I was here? Do I really feel I have a purpose in life or am I just following the herd? 

It is time to open your mind...

You have come to this website because you are looking for answers to the questions you have had for many years. YOU are meant to be on this website to give yourself the opportunity to improve your LIFE.

Learn now below.


Would you like to know the truth?


For thousands of years sacred information has been kept from the masses. It is now time to reveal the truth of our innate powers and how we can use this power to improve our inner world (YOU) which in turn will improve your outer world (LIFE)

All we need has always been within. You will no longer need to look beyond yourself in order to find answers and power.

It is time to transform the way you FEEL. It is your natural right to feel happy, to feel free of pain and suffering and to feel LOVE.

The 1st One Day IAMPowerful Programme


In one day Claudia Agha the Mastermind behind IAMPowerful will tell you the truth of sacred information that has been hidden for years and how the truth can completely transform how you see yourself and your life. You will feel not just empowered but POWERFUL.

The IAMPowerful Programme will consist of three main sections: 


Each section will take you through a series of steps to help alleviate pain and suffering, an honest perception of yourself and the power of the heart - the master organ! If we live in a state of higher based emotions such as joy and gratefulness, you will positively change your life and this in turn will change your environment for everyone to gain, work colleagues, friends, loved ones, family and for the whole of humanity. 

Who Will Benefit from IAMPowerful?


EVERYONE who breathes. 

But if we break it down.... those who have been searching for a better understanding of life. Those who are constantly living a repeat pattern of hardships and wish to break the cycle, those wanting to let go, heal  and LOVE, those wanting a happier more peaceful life, those fed up of feeling unwell and tired, those wishing to feel powerful.. the list is countless.

Life offers choice and IAMPowerful has been created for EVERYONE and ANYONE who wants a better life.

When we radiate higher based emotions such as compassion and joy, we naturally improve our whole environment - friends, loved ones, work colleagues and this in turn improves humanity.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with YOURSELF!




Omar has achieved a great level of  success within his career  however, he always felt that there was more to life than just working and his normal day to day routine. He came to Claudia in search of a deeper understanding of his real purpose and why he is here. This testimonial is Omar having felt the impact of IAMPowerful after the one day course.


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