IAMPowerful - 1 day programme


Learn about our true nature and how everything works in harmony. Once you can understand the fundamental basics, you can understand the importance of your behaviour and how it impacts your environment. This part of the day gives you knowledge.

We will look at:

- where we are and where we want to be

- what we were never told

- who we are supposed to be

- energy and it's emotional impact

- thoughts and how it impacts your life


It is not until we are truthful to ourselves can we find inner peace, love and freedom. We are clever at distorting the truth to avoid confronting our deeper pain and suffering from the past. However, the brain cannot rule out what the heart already knows. The pain never really goes away until we can be honest and heal. 

You will learn:

- how to not react negatively with the challenges of life

- understanding life lessons

- how to break negative repeat patterns

- how to love yourself

- why forgiveness is highly beneficial


Life should be enjoyed and not endured. 

This part of the programme will help you celebrate and be grateful for YOU. It's the most important gift you can give yourself. We will look at techniques to help you achieve a consistent level of happiness. We all want love and we all want to be happy. 

The journey begins with YOU:

- learn how to live your life leading with your heart

- learn how to discover your inner power and apply it

- the value of regular meditation

"I promise that within this programme you will discover at least one ah - ha moment." Claudia Agha


How has IAMPowerful made a change to your life?

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