what people are saying......

Jo Rickett - Full time Mum

"My big impact moment was realising you can't achieve much without loving yourself."

Simon Coles - IT Consultant

"I thought it was a very thought provoking day and couldn't stop talking about it to friends that week-end. I think I have been a very black and white kind of guy and this has certainly opened up my eyes to other options of how to view life. I feel so much more relaxed and calm. I no longer look at people the same way during my commute to work in the morning, people now get a smile."

Sarah Dawson - Marketing Manager

"IAMPowerful allowed me to investigate an alternative way of coping during a stressful period of my life and a better understanding pf the need to look within to gain true fulfilment. An introduction to meditation was a turning point on a difficult journey and continues to provide peace and comfort."

Jacob Hanwell - Mechanical Engineer

"Just did the forgiveness meditation Claudia and it's pretty powerful. Thank you. I am feeling lighter everyday."

Steffi Laing - Dog Groomer

"Thank you for such an awakening experience. I have taken so much from it an I've felt a big shift within myself today.... I know now, I'm only going to get stronger. I am powerful and I believe it.

Everybody needs to your course, you are amazing at it, your energy is contagious. You are going to make huge positive changes and touch so many lives. Thank you"

Emma Laws - Food Stylist

"It's so good to stand back from life, to relax, listen and learn. An immensely powerful day and it feels so good to know that I am definitely on the right path and to let go of all my old fears. Very empowering. "


 Omar has achieved a great level of  success within his career  however, he always felt that there was more to life than just working and his normal day to day routine. He came to Claudia in search of a deeper understanding of his real purpose and why he is here. This testimonial is Omar having felt the impact of IAMPowerful after the one day course. 

Video Testimonial

Corrinne felt the need to pull over and share her thoughts of the IAMPowerful one day programme. Here she is talking from her heart and connecting with her true self and mastering the technique of letting go.


Louise realised her self-worth was holding her back in life. Self realisation was the key thing for Louise to be honest and let go of the past and move forward into a life she always wanted. 

Kay's message

Kay gave up her big job in the city in order to use her life experience to help others. Kay joined the IAMPowerful one day course to release further blockages which had remained dormant for years. Now Kay feels regenerated. 

Kate's Message

This was filmed just after the Forgiveness meditation created by Claudia. Kate tells us her heart felt impact. 

Claudia following IAMPowerful

My message following my IAMPowerful event... THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING