My Message to You

Why did I create IAMPowerful? What is the purpose?

Claudia Agha



My belief is very simple. 

We all come from the same place and we all leave to the same place, so why do people have different expectations of life.? Why are some happier than others? Is it to do with our up bringing or events from the past? One thing I know for sure if that we have been given the power of CHOICE. All that we need is within. If we understand our true nature and we understand we are co creative beings then we have the power to feel free and love abundantly. Right? We have something very powerful within us called INTUITION. In IAMPowerful I will explain more about intuition, but this brilliant tool is a like a sat nav guiding us and helping us along the way. So here's the magic - CHOICE. You have choice to decide whether or not you wish to listen to your intuition that inner voice guiding you. For me from as early as I can remember, I have always listened and I remained on my path. This does not mean I did not have challenges but it meant it prevented any additional pain and suffering. 

I learnt to open my heart and have compassion. How many people on the planet today have protective hearts, people have literally built a wall around their heart?! People prefer to numb their emotions to prevent being hurt. I know, I have been there! This gave me contrast. The difference between then and now is enormous - everyday is lighter and more precious.

There is no separation - we are all connected and we are all one big family. People need to know and understand the truth. Until that happens can we truly empower the fantastic quote by Mahatma Gandhi "be the change you wish to see in the world"

How did it all start?

I have met some inspiring people along the way including those who were kind enough to share their time and knowledge with me. One of the biggest leaps forward was when a very special and generous lady spent months reviewing my birth chart which gave me such fascinating information and it was mind blowing. If you believe in events which are not a coincidence then I can certainly say my birth chart information was essential and something that was planned to remind me of who I was. I knew I had healing energy but it was certainly confirmation that I am here to serve humanity. My birth chart is shared during the IAMPowerful programme so you can learn more about me. 

I then delved into Pranic Healing which has been life changing for me. I have learnt that before you can heal others you must heal yourself. This is in fact one of the hardest things to do because first you must be honest with yourself and be willing to surrender to all that you may know (old programming). 

Pranic Healing & My Wish

I am a fully qualified Pranic Healer. I have helped many people with Pranic Healing and I witnessed some miraculous before and after's with my clients. I found that I had so much to share with everyone I met and felt the need to give people tools and techniques of how to deal with everyday challenges and struggles. I wanted everyone to feel happy and understand that life is about enjoying all moments. The IAMPowerful programme was created to help as many people as possible. I do believe that I have a lot  of knowledge to impart, I do believe I am here to serve humanity, I do believe I am here to help you.

No more fear and no more pain but just joy regardless of the challenges. This IS possible. Less unwell people, less unhappy people, less feeling of unworthiness, less feeling of sorrow, less feeling of misery. You are here on  this planet right now to understand our true soul nature, to be free and to grow. You have the choice to be WELL. That starts right here right now!

Life is to be enjoyed and not endured.